This is a temporary repository of the Jacobs Technical Reports series, keeping them accessible during the current re-organisation of the Jacobs University Library database infrastructure.

Jacobs Techreport 1: Marcus Kaiser, Spatial Network Growth (January 2005)

Jacobs Techreport 2: Mantas Lukosevicius, Dan Popovici, Herbert Jaeger, Udo Siewert
Time Warping Invariant Echo State Networks (May 2006)

Jacobs Techreport 3: Herbert Jaeger, Generating exponentially many periodic attractors with linearly growing Echo State Networks (August 2006)

Jacobs Techreport 4: Mantas Lukosevicius, Echo State Networks with Trained Feedbacks (February 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 5: Christoph Lange, SWiM – A Semantic Wiki for Mathematical Knowledge Management (March 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 6: MingJie Zhao, Herbert Jaeger, The Error Controlling Algorithm for Learning OOMs (March 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 7: Angelica Garcia Gutierrez, Peter Baumann, Modeling Fundamental Geo-Raster Operations with Array Algebra (June 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 8: MingJie Zhao, Herbert Jaeger, Norm observable operator models (July 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 9: Peter Baumann, Georgi Chulkov, Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) Implementation Specification (July 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 10: Herbert Jaeger, Discovering multiscale dynamical features with hierarchical Echo State Networks (July 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 11: Mantas Lukosevicius, Herbert Jaeger, Overview of Reservoir Recipes (July 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 12: Niklas Grip and Götz E. Pfander, Time Varying Narrowband Communications Channels: Analysis and Implementation (October 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 13: Felix Krahmer, Götz E. Pfander, Peter Rashkov, Support size conditions for time-frequency representations on finite Abelian groups (December 2007)

Jacobs Techreport 14: Sorin Stancu-Mara, Peter Baumann, Vladislav Marinov, A Comparative Benchmark of Large Objects in Relational Databases (January 2008)

Jacobs Techreport 15: Matthias Bröcheler, A Mathematical Semantic Web (March 2008)

Jacobs Techreport 16: Michael Thon, Input-Output OOMs (May 2008)

Jacobs Techreport 17: Giovanni Indiveri, Notes on an Entropy-like Method for Robust Parameter Identification (July 2008)

Jacobs Techreport 18: Brian W. Alexander, Trace element analyses in geological materials using low resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS) (August 2008)

Jacobs Techreport 19: Peter Baumann, Sönke Holsten, A Comparative Analysis of Array Models for Databases (July 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 20: Peter Baumann, Object-Oriented or Object-Relational? An Experience Report from a High-Complexity, Long-Term Case Study (July 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 21: Götz E. Pfander, Peter Rashkov, Window design for multivariate Gabor frames on lattices (August 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 22: Niklas Grip, Götz E. Pfander, Peter Rashkov, Identification of time-frequency localized operators (August 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 23: Herbert Jaeger, Reservoir Self-Control for Achieving Invariance Against Slow Input Distortions (October 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 24: Vytenis Sakenas, Distortion Invariant Feature Extraction with Echo State Networks (October 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 25: Mantas Lukosevicius, On self-organizing reservoirs and their hierarchies (October 2010)

Jacobs Techreport 26: Jiwen Li, Herbert Jaeger, Minimal Energy Control of an ESN Pattern Generator (Februrary 2011)

Jacobs Techreport 27: Herbert Jaeger, Long Short-Term Memory in Echo State Networks: Details of a Simulation Study (Februrary 2012)

Jacobs Techreport 28: Jordan Ivanchev, Fast time scale modulation of pattern generators realized by Echo State Networks (March 2013)

Jacobs Techreport 29: Asvin Goel, Hours of service regulations in the United States and the 2013 rule change (March 2013)

Jacobs Techreport 30: Andrea Kohlhase, Framings of Information: Readers’ Perception of Information Sources in Spreadsheets (May 2013)

Jacobs Techreport 31: Herbert Jaeger, Controlling Recurrent Neural Networks by Conceptors (March 2014)

Jacobs Techreport 32: Dzmitry Bahdanau, Herbert Jaeger, Smart Decisions by Small Adjustments: Iterating Denoising Autoencoders (May 2014)

Jacobs Techreport 33: Asvin Goel and Stefan Irnich, An Exact Method for Vehicle Routing and Truck Driver Scheduling Problems (October 2014)